Matilde Losi



What if the museum becomes a place to actualise design?
THE EXhibition COMPLEX is an opportunity to rethink the terms of engagement between museums and contemporary design, creating new relationships where design isn’t reduced to content within a container.

How can contemporary design use exhibition spaces as a tool? And how can institutions provide the toolbox to design?

Rethinking would mean introducing friction into the system of the museum’s curatorial inputs and the designers’ exhibited outputs.

It is difficult to say which formats the institution and designer can generate together. To paraphrase Ettore Sottsass, from his 1971 essay ‘Controdesign’, design, unfortunately, isn’t a formula. Rather, it is a way of being conscious, a way of knowing or sensing that the machine, as it works at the present time, is not ideal.

At present, both design as a discipline and museums as socially engaged places are rethinking their roles towards the outside world.
The EXhibition COMPLEX positions museums as departure points rather than final destinations for designers and design projects. Moreover, designers and design projects enable the condition to mobilise and expose the museum infrastructure.