Mechteld Jungerius x Eindhoven Kan Het

Publiek Archief 

            Attempting to understand the PSV football ground as an identity machine of Eindhoven revealed power struggles within the city between marginalised groups, officials, organisations, residents and institutions. Mechteld Jungerius felt an urge to use this research to create a positive, tangible outcome, resulting in a co-creative project with Eindhoven Kan Het, a local anti-racist organisation.

Following a series of workshops, an archive of demonstrations rooted in their historical location was established. A mobile website connects audio and text files of speeches that took place during protests to their geolocations, allowing users to listen and actively remember these histories in situ. These voices and stories are embedded experientially and openly. 

The resulting mobile-based website is a presentation of the public archive of Eindhoven Kan Het. Contributions and additions in any form are more than welcome by emailing with the subject "Archive". The design of the website and the physical stickers linking to it are based on the corporate identity by Arjan Braaksma, BUROBRAAK.

The archive is only accessible on your mobile at

Photo by Femke Reijerman.
Photo by Femke Reijerman.