Michael Bojkowski

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The Many-Rooms project consists of a pre-determined set number of ten stories, produced between April & September 2020. The aim of the project was to put into practical use, ideas around story telling as design practice and as a means for preserving and transmitting design research. These themes carry directly through from an accompanying thesis titled ’Made of Stories’.
            The ten stories that give form to the Many-Rooms project seek to address a multiplicity of states of isolation, in search of empathetic responses to the current pandemic. Each story has been built out of fact-based research and each follows pre-perscribed guidance that has moulded their construction.
            This construction followed a path designed to be enacted on a daily basis. Firstly, a distinct topic or phrase would be chosen based on immediate circumstance or current events. Then fact-based research was collected into pools and sifted. Story writing, according to pre-determined guidance, would commence shortly after this. Stories would then be archived and made visable online via a journaling site. Finally, points of transmission would be created such as Instagram posts. Occasionally, these activities were live steamed via a dedicated chat room, with recordings of these session made available on YouTube.
            To read the stories, sift research pools and additional material yourself visit rescat.site/RC201-Many-Rooms

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