Tasminder Marsh 


Augmented Perception

Extension via Subtraction

AIM:  To sensitise and introduce another envisioning for a more viable future for the planet - one that promotes ecologies and the environment at the forefront.

MISSION STATEMENT: Reverse (un-)engineering components of anthropogenic centralisation to promote an extended perception, understanding, thinking, sensing, and envisioning with technology and ecologies of the planet - the more-than-/other-than-/non-/post-human.

INTERVENTION: The subtraction of the infrared-cut(off) filter from the digital camera.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: The main body of research was found through inquiring and investigating into patents of technological devices, in specific the digital camera and those surrounding the digital camera. In order to de-construct and expose the relationship that a particular invention has with humans, our environment, and planetary ecologies. The dissection, removal of the infrared-cut(off) filter and reconstruction of multiple digital cameras.

OUTCOME: The making of a tool for a post-human centric way of seeing, one that confronts us with the limits of what we-humans can see. A tool that enables an extended consideration of the visual sense, augmenting our ways of seeing. A device that is able to detect both wavelengths of the visual spectrum and near-infrared electromagnetic radiation. The production of images that allow for an opening up of a world that is hidden in plain sight, one of an electromagnetic relationship to our surroundings.