Sofia Irene Marmolejo Bijnsdorp

To Render a Shelter

       “My project is web of collaborations; weaving together the talent of designers and friends that were able to see ‘survival’ from my point of view. Design is a big word in this project, but crisis seemed to be the most recurrent one. Different forms of crisis: starting from a planetary one –graduating midst pandemic– to wildfires that become political urgencies and bills to pass in congress. Psychological states also say something about crisis and to stick with my topics of research: fashion is going through a dematerilization with all the virtual environments and lack of physicality, however this opens up a new stream and more potent one for all digital material, which I am very interested in pushing further. Crisis surfaces where change is needed.”
        Sofia Irene

        To Render a Shelter bridges the realms of fashion and video games through an immersive experience that mixes video, narrative structures and audio techniques to uncover how these disciplines are eerily alike when it comes to visualising climate change. Both utilise the body as a vessel for skill and display. How do these embodied experiences address a near future where climate crisis is no longer an allegory? The complexity of designing a plot (both in terms of space and narrative) opens up conversations about environmental challenges.

CGI: Lana Bolkvadze

             The shelter is also a nomadic cinema that can be built and assembled ready for projection. Through a visual and sonic journey – the tale of the survivalist is told.

Photo: Nicole Marnati

Shelter design: Antonio Barone
Special thanks: Lonny @ Atelier NL
Film editor: Wilbur Rogers
CGI: Lana Bolkvadze
Model: Hattie Parker

      “An exciting part of my project is the different forms of manifestations it naturally followed. Together with Nikou, we designed the sonics for the film and we both fell for similar sounds and melodies that are affective and cause an emotional impact. The script was too long to fit it all in, yet we ended with a long track of almost 9 minutes. The intro paired with the ominous visuals begins to lure you into the journey of the survivalist and makes you wonder who is this character, and what is the quest of survival. The track is divided in four parts, each chapter has different sonic attitudes that address what is being voiced, Etienne’s voice conveyed the power of individualism that fashion usually brings about, and nonetheless video games which is often a solo journey through lands yet to be discovered. My personal discovery is the passion I found in telling tales through all these layers of meaning: text, sound and CGI. Regarding the script (which is something I want to further develop in my path as a writer and curator) has an ‘aphoristic’ style as said by one of my tutors, of composing lines of words that could stand by themselves and express a strong yet ambivalent position. And.... listen till the end, the outro is my favorite part.”

︎Track release coming soon ︎

        Survie is the journey of the survivalist who finds itself powerless in front of hyperobjects: from climate to coronavirus and wildfires. Navigating the outside in designed second skins the survivalist feels ready, commanding the body against the elements. An individualistic moral is the core of this character and this inquisitive journey becomes a sheltered space. Allegories and hyperbolic worlds give birth to cautionary tales.

Production: Nikou
Script: Sofia Irene
Voiceover: Etienne Marc
Sound mixer: Hugo Durand

This project was made possible thanks to Fonds Kwadraat.